PR crap

So, an insurance company decides to have a push into the bike marketplace and asks a PR firm for some help.

Nonsense like “polishing the chrome” and other shots at trying to create an affinity with bikers are lazy and embarrassing. But maybe I’m being sensitive.

You decide:

Well I used them in the past and they did come up the cheapest, the company they pointed me to is the same company I used for past 3 years, they came cheaper than everyone else and I am happy.

I got recommended Tiger by a broker over the phone and have found for the last 2yrs they are the best for bike insurance comparisson so I have a lot of time for them but as you say it does come across a little condscending but I think they’re aiming at those new to biking rather than those well experienced (or have a good grasp of insurance products).

It doesn’t really state anything anyone wouldn’t know. Pretty useless bit of info as its been repeated on companies such as Parkers, I think. I know its for cars but the same principles apply.

Has anyone made a claim with Tiger insurance?.. unfortunately, that’s the only true test of an insurer.

They are just a comparison site I think.

Yeah Tiger is like ‘Go Compare’ or with a board of brokers who broke you into various insurers. e.g. I’m with Hastings Direct but am insured via Aviva.

Ahhhh, I see. I stand errected… :Whistling:

Well this sentense “With spring around the corner and new registrations out in March, the motorbike enthusiasts in the UK will be thinking about starting to polish the chrome ready for some fair weather rides.” Is a fair description of my attitude towards motorcycling, although I don’t have any chrome to polish, mostly fairings using Auto Glym super resin polish and then Auto Glym Extra Gloss Protection. The infromation here is also pretty good. All power to them.