PPG is a mucky mare!

Look what she sent me today…:w00t: i opened the box to find a very muddy set of leathers lol:P Now where did i put the jetwasher!:wink:

:smiley: …but you said you LIKE a challenge!!!

I can’t believe there is still pink on them! :hehe::cool::w00t:

Tankie for doing them…wuvoo xxx :blush:

Someones been having some fun :slight_smile:

Yeah looks like she’s been rolling round a muddy field!:w00t:

No worries Gabs…they’ll look lovely soon enough:D

Didn’t know she was into motorcross!

I had my moto nicked :frowning: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic472330-58-1.aspx?

These were…soiled - :blush: - during an enduro event - half tarmac, half offroad - on a stomp pit bike… funny as f*ck. Think I set the record for dropping it 4 times in the first stint lol lol… Mark was a close second with 3. Gets REALLY tiring having to keep picking yourself and it up…no matter the size of the bike lol… SPG organised it late last year… just been waiting a while to get them to Wasp :wink:

Enduro endurance racing: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic457034-52-1.aspx?

Show us a pic when you have finished, wont you Wasp?:slight_smile:

Think yourself lucky they aren’t covered in ketchup and mayo;):P:D

That i shall but fraid you won’t recognise them as they are going all black as Gabs hates the pink!:doze:

Bit cleaner

Nice job Wasp, thanks for putting the pics on:)

Can you make made-to-measure leathers? (legs):slight_smile:

I really don’t have the time to make made to measure leathers:doze: i wish i did as i do get a lot of people ask! but i can alter to fit(just ask sherrie:D) so if you buy to big or small i can adjust:D

Ha ha, thanks for the reply Wasp but was really thinking of leathers for legs that are extra-long, a bit difficult to extend rather than take up :smiley:

I have the same problem with mine :doze:

Yes leathers can have the legs made longer:D not hard to do either:P

Thanks, chick - they look awesome! xxx

damn you were a dirty girl!!!

nice pic gabs wat corner and wat track was that @

Yeah well, Im clean now ;)Cheers dude - prolly Druids at Brands.

i would av guessed druids @ brands wats the 666 for ??

old sponsor

the number to ring when found upside down :smiley: