i went and got my gsxr k1 600 dyno’d the other day and they said it was running rich i already knew that cause of the smell of petrol when having it! i havent got a commander fitted but was wondering whether it is worth it or not i mean it will improve the fuel comsumpsion but what else would it do its alot of money just for fuel surely it will increase the power but buy how much my bikes pushing 108bhp with a akro can just need to pick people brains on this

To get the most from the benefit of a power commander you really need to get it set up on a Dyno with a custom map specifically for your bike. If the bike is running rich then long term you may suffer other problems apart from excessive fuel consumption.

yer they will do a custom map for me in the price!
why what else could happen!

If it’s excessively rich you risk fouling the spark plugs causing poor running as they can tend to soot up especially if you do a lot of town riding at lowish RPM. When you bike was dyno’d did they include the fuel air graph at the bottom of the chart? This should indicate how the fuel/air mix is…?

I’ve had my CB1300 Dyno’d and of the 2 places i took it, only one provided a fuel air graph too. Having looked at the graph and the fuel/air and is was pretty night spot on despite having a full akrapovic system i decided that very little was to be gained by a power commander in my case - £2-300 quid for a minor improvement doesn’t seem worth it to me, however a PC and full setup should in theory cure and snatchiness etc as well as sorting fuelling.

yer it did come with air/fuel graph its running lean early on upto about 40-50mph then after that is running rich the fella in the shop said that he wuld chuck a K&N in with it as well but im not sure what to do!

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any one else got any views on whether to get a power commander

I have one on my ZX6r. The power commander will allow you to control the mixing of your mixture as you wish, often to optimise power. Your bike comes with factory setup to comply with the emissions law. Which is actually poo in performance language.

The power comander will make a huge difference on the smoothness and power delivery of you gixxer, provided that you get it setup every 250 revs at least!

The K&N filter, I got as well on my bike will make it easier for your engine to brieth. As you will be using more power you will need more air going in to burn it and K&N will do the trick.

I found it well worth the money. You can always resetup your bike as winter and summer can make it respond differently.

If you don’t want to spend the amount of money is necessary for a PC, you have the Yoshy box option wih will setup your fuel injection better than it is now and will cost you arond £80quid!

Here I have a small video of gixxer 1000 when i did the yoshi box:


Good luck

where could i get this yoshi thing done would it help with the mix of fuel and air

what is this yoshi box then? tell us more cezar?

Please see


Cheers Mark.