Powekite jumping

This is insane… and ive jus bought one

worth watching jus for the fight at the beginning check out the windmill punch and miss


Mate you’d never come down

Do they do xxxl for the larger gentlemen as I be that must be a great feeling?

I reckon an 8 meter blade would lift ya… the one i jus got wouldnt, but as a thought you wanna come hold my ankles

We’ll tie a length of cord to your ankle and the other end to me you’ll not go far.

Mate, an 8 metre kite is like a parachute!!

I have a 2m and that gets interesting when its windy, I am pretty (very) heavy and have been dragged along the beach on my *rse before.

Flats, have you flown one before? Let me know when you get it, there are some good places to fly in west sussex-nice ride there too?

My 2.5m bullet could pick me off the ground on a windy day, but for a bit of a rush the 4.9 Blade was the tool, fast and powerful. I also have a 7.2 Blade but that’s only been out the bag once…

i once had a bugdens carrier bag with a piece of string on it!!! never lifted me off the deck!!

Thats too much LaGiraffe !!!

A carrier bag lifts Graham easily - mind you it has to be marks & spencers

here she goes again!!! mocking the peasants cos they cant shop at marks and sparks!!!

i dream of the day i get to shop in there!!!

i reckon one of them little paper bags you put penny sweets in would lift graham off the deck!!

How much are they Flats ?

budgens carrier bags used to be free!! what with global warming and recycling and all that i think they might charge a couple of pence for em now!!

Im worried about you mate !!!

when are you going to be about…I want to talk to you and Gina about a few things for BCW.

ride out on sunday, might pop up the ace tomorrow during the day for a bite to eat! will def be a BMM on wed

upto about £1500 mine was a £109 but phoned em today out of stock…

DB ill shout you when i get it