Powder coating

Can anyone recommend a Powder coater in London? Looking to get the hangers done in black, I can’t stretch to new Rear-sets so I’ll cheat instead

Good question! I’m looking for one too. Need to powercoat a frame and few other bits for my little CD200

Metalion Ltd

North Acton Rd, London, NW10 6PD

Tel: 020 8965 4677
Classification: Powder Coating
Closest one I could find, didn’t give me a lot of information about what they actually powder coat but may come in handy… Give them a ring and see what they do, worth a try. Also m9performance whom were at Ace Cafe on Streetfighter Sunday do wheels so if you wana contact Michael DeVaughan (Mike) and ask him his number is: 07956487862 or via e-mail: [email protected] Hes place is just near Ace Cafe, in Park Royale… Not 100% sure he does what you guys want. Hope it helps anyway!

Thanks! Hennesy, I have already emailed m9performance and will call the powercoating guy!

couple more:

All Colour Coatings

10, Raven Rd, London, E18 1HB

Tel: 020 8504 3336
Classification: Powder Coating

Quality Coating (London) Ltd

Units 3 & 4, Hardess St, London, SE24 0HN

Tel: 020 7737 4911
Classification: Powder Coating
Again, no information for what they actually powder coat but “Classification: Powder Coating” seems quite expandable and not elaborative so maybe they do EVERYTHING! Hope it helps…

Mike is a member of LB, PM him!

Cheers guys, I’ll try that lot tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

Im taking some stuff to be powder coated tom so will let you all know what the out come !!!

Thanks Pete. Just need to get the winter scoot back on the road first so I can take the bits off the Gixxer, soon though.

Hi i took my bits to these people to powder coat, they know there stuff well worth a try.

Classic Powder Coating
01895 270616
Bridge Works Iver Lane

Good luck

Do they do shotblasting?

They send that out so they can do the whole job, but for keeping it cheap you will have to wait a couple of days when the colour you want comes up. He recons about every 3 days for black.

Do you know how much it would be roughly to shotblast and powdercoat a rim?

Now there is a phone number so try ringing them ???

Calm down dear, i was only asking if u knew per chance the cost.

Sorry mate bad day.

No probs.

Here you go top work on rear sets


Copy of 3.09.05 005.jpg

Copy of 3.09.05 012.jpg

I want to get my rearsets done like that, how much did it cost you and how long did it take?


They cost £30 but took a week, depends on when they are spraying black. But make sure you tell them not to paint the threads, but apart from that im well pleased they look much better than Crescent rearsets i had before ( which broke on first ride out ).