Potter Mode...

OK, so occasionally, when I’m riding in the lanes and there are no other road users about and it’s a nice day, my mind wanders and all of a sudden I’ll look down and notice I’m only doing 40mph and probably have been doing 40mph since my mind started wandering…

Yes, it’s true - I’ve ended up pottering through the lanes…

My first thought is always: “You blerdy numpty - do you realise how many corners you’ve missed?” so I go back and do them again :smiley:

But I wondered how many of us get into “Potter Mode” when the conditions are right???

I get into potter mode quite frequently when I’m tired, I feel unwell, or I’m hungry / something like that. If you’re not feeling your best and you ride within your limits, you find your limits going down. And then you find it’s quite nice to slow down and look at the scenery. :smiley: Biking doesn’t have to be a white knuckle ride ALL of the time.

Another added benefit is that when you ride something like a Blackbird and let the young punks with their 125 pull ahead of you, it’s kind of a feeling like “my bike is so goddamn fast, i don’t have anything to prove to you you see. I could smoke you from here to high heaven but i simply can’t be @rsed right now”. Bit of like a tiger lying in the sun, licking his own balls. Try it, it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue:

If this becomes a habit however, consider switching to a cruiser or a pan :smiley:

Now, where’s my pipe puff

Oi whats with the Pan baiting all of a sudden? Sure I can potter but my sofa flys too when she wants, havent seen you sit on Ratys back wheel much lately:D

nowt wrong with the odd potter - I do it all the time.Sometimes it’s nice just to bimble around lanes taking in the wonders of the British countryside.

What’s the point of English country lanes if you can’t potter/bimble with impunity?

What’s the point of getting to the next village you’ve never heard of/wont remember if you didn’t have a nice ride with bits you will remember?

Keep on pottereing, don’t feel embarrassed.

Get into potter mode? I default to it.

Who opened this thread expecting something about the upcoming Harry film? :stuck_out_tongue:





Oh … just me then :blush:

I do that occasional… as long as your observation is still there dont see any problem with (Harry) Potter Mode

actually that was the first thing that went thru my mind