Post your thought's here of

please put all your thoughts here of the weekend whether they be good or bad

because if they wanna do something like this again then feedback would be appricated

cheers ginger

Bad things

Rain was a pain and so was the mud lol

Good things

Everything else except for the above

nice demos by the fire service ambulance and police

nice to see the police putting something back into the community (lol)

loads of bikes to test ride

and nice friendly traffic coppers and coppers for a chance(lol)

everything was also brilliant except for the bit of rain and wind we had

An excellent day out, shame I couldn’t make it for both days. Bought lots of gear at the various stands, and thought the overall set-up was pretty good. Sadly, the weather wasn’t fantastic, but didn’t ruin the day;)


Bikesafe days are absolutely brilliant, should be compulsory for every new rider within 6 months of passing the test or better still, much of it incorporated into the DAS course and compulsory for all non-DAS trainees. How about making CBT 2 days and incorporating some of it there too - it’s all basic stuff that makes a huge diference when you’re starting out.

Would be great to see some additional training available, say a 2 day course provided by the police again - would be willing to pay for this.

It’s good that it’s provided by the police and not a training company, gives it credibility.

Not sure what the open day achieved, didn’t do much for me but was it meant to ? I guess the main aim is to get more people onto Bikesafe days and assessed ride and to meet the police . . . it probably achieved that ?

I was a little disappointed with the trade side of things. I went with the intention of getting a new pair of leather trousers but from what I saw they were a little thin on the ground. I understand the show wasn’t about that but surely thats what a lot of people want?

The displays were good although I was a little disappointed to miss the White Helmets cos I went off to Sondel to get some trousers.

And I couldn’t for the life of me find out where to get a test ride from…I was really hoping to get a go on the new Fireblade and a R1.

I had a good time, but to be honest that was mostly because I was sharing the experience with other people as opposed to being on my own - which is nothing the organisers could have changed.
The off-road track was great fun, but I probably wouldn’t have known about it if it hadn’t been for Ian telling us all when we met him there (cheers!). There was a programme with a list of stands and events, but it was in the plastic bag I received when I entered the draw to win a bike and expressed interest in doing a Bikesafe/ Scootersafe day. I only looked at the stuff in the bag when I got home!
I actually found a pair of leather trousers and ended up with too much stuff to carry home.

Thoughts :
Perhaps they could have handed out programmes as people parked up or something as opposed to relying on the bloke on the PA system talking non-stop.

The trade presence was fine IMO, given the fact that it wasn’t, primarily, a trade show.

The marquees holding the inside stands didn’t seem too inviting. That is, it wasn’t very clear what was inside them when looking from the outside. Perhaps signs (or bigger signs) could be put outside inviting people in. This might just be my unfamiliarity with bike shows though.

In the end, I came away reminded that accidents happen and that I want to take further training, but then again, I haven’t passed my test yet!

The weather was okay. It would have been nicer on a sunny day, but there is nothing that Biksafe can actually do to change the weather except change the date when the event is held, but that’s not a guarantee!

Had a really good day, much much better than expected, loads to see and do, and all for FREE!!!

Very good for families, and amazing that they had more manufacturers there than at Excel show!!

Had a quick raz on the dirt bikes, could have got a demo bike, but then it started raining…saw the dogs, skid pan, stunt show and the beginning of the white helmets, got my bike valetted, and saw loads of london bikers

The food was the same standard as the Excel/NEC etc, but half the price and double the portion (always good in my book!).

Agree with garrett possibly a floor plan type thing would have been useful, but then again, they did have the annoucements and it wasn’t that massive, and I am sure garrett would have seen a giant yellow inflateable dirt bike circuit in the middle of the show if I didnt tell him about it!!!

top notch and if they do it again, will be there next year definitely.

i really was impressed, it would have been a good day if we had to pay to get in, but free was even better!

didnt have any bad points. actually, just one, theyre speaker phone was too loud, not catered for hangovers :w00t:

what a great show, free is always good , better than excell.

a good mix of shows and stalls. the wall of death and the white helmets both excellent.

maybe the Londonbikers extreme c90 team will be there !!!

Well done Bikesafe


(brought back too many scary memories…)

Could only go on Sat am, but there were lots of good things (esp. doing an assessed ride on a Vectrix with a helpful pc from W Mids). Well done the bikesafe team.

Shame there were no other big scooters to test ride (why did piaggio/gilera bring a lorry load of bikes but not sort out the insurance for any of them to be ridden?)

A very good, day, well organised. No bad points at all.

Big respect to all the stunters, esp the wall of death team, very impressive

was really gd ,
the dirt bikes were fun
n there was lots to buy
but not enough money to buy with :stuck_out_tongue: