post your ruined gear thread!

Hi everyone.

binned my bike over some womens car. 2 weeks ago and thought id post up pictures of what i was wearing. who thinks they can better it?

fyi my left testical is the size of a tennis ball and black.:sick:

Big deep stratches all over the lid

look on the bright side… you will not have to open your flies anymore to have a pee

I think that’s an expansion flap so he can fit his ball in

And they didnt cut the boot off, that was from the car hitting me (and yes that is blood:D)

i think johnse1 is going to be the likely winner of this thread…

my off last week on the way back from the ace lost the front end some how at about 40ish bike hit a curb never had time to break(it was so fast) trow me off the back off the bike and slided up the road bike did a 360 while sparking along the pavement and Landed out side a cos cutters i am so lucky it never hit any one or went thou the window it was soooo close!!! i got away lucky and the bike…all i remember is riding then i am on my ass getting off the road! with a smoking bike behind me with bent and smashed **** …then running at 15 mph in top gear for some reason but the nxt day when i went to get her she was fine! hummm…a big thanks to coddy chop fishy dishy and family for letting me kip over or id be ! and a long walk…

bent pegs smashed side fairings bent gear lever got away light!!!:wink:

i think johnse1 is going to be the likely winner of this thread…

kommander (dave) is close but john will prob take it :wink:

Not the worst on here but heres mine; :)Cut open boot with bloodstains against cut off jeans also with bloodstains background - accident compound fracture of lower shin after being hit by cage.

Helmet scrape after losing front and sliding down road after braking for u-turning cage.