Possible Stolen Bike

I have seen an orange and black suzuki (trials looking) bike parked up since Tuesday with no activity around it what so-ever.
The bike has had a what i can gather a custom paint job done to it (only reason i say this is because i havnt seen a suzuki in orange before.) it looks like a KTM; sort of like the superduke styling, has a top box on the back overlapping onto the seat and is on a ‘R’ reg plate - Rather tidy looking one at that.
if anyone owns this or knows anyone that does own it then do please let me know ASAP. The Police are aware of its presence. :smooooth:

Where is it?

have you reported it to the police, give them the reg they may have it on their database


pm johnse1 with the reg plate and he will work his magic, lol.

the police were phoned on tue and they said it hasent been reported so r not interested…its still there…just seems a funny area to leave a bike