Possible impending speed trap near BMM

On wednesday last, as those who arrived at BMM early will know there was a biker off just round the corner , road closed for ages etc.

whilst speaking to the TraffPol at the scene one of them expressed his concern about the speed of cars and Solos on that stretch of road, and said it was definatley worth running a speed trap there sometime. Though didint really express concern about any LBers arriving at BMM , but they know we are there.

so just be carefull, if they want to target solos it might well be a wednesday night they do it… or if your round that way anyother time watch out .:smiley:

I don’t tend to go up to London on a week day as the traffic is horrific. It strikes me a semi suicidal, but thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the heads up Mate

can sort of understand that, our office is on southwark street, a minority of riders regularly take that road and the crossroads with southwark bridge far too fast, we see lots of accidents unfortunately

Another tax camera going up.

argh, i thought it was just going to be a few one-off speed traps :ermm:

Thanks for the info. We usually come that way and we noticed a lot of hi-vis jackets last Wednesday. They weren’t interested in us, but it’s worth bearing in mind. And the road surface along there is terrible.

yeah especially just as you come from blackfriars onto southwark street, very dangerous

Thanks fella.

That’s a really good analogy, but here’s a good tip I’ve learned as a freelancer… if you’re smart you go tax free. Only fools pay tax when they don’t have to … :smiley: