Porcelain Garage Tiles

So I had some tiles fitted to my garage. The builder said he could do it but I’m learning the difference between a builder and a tiler. So 8 tiles are chipped and there is black grout haze on everything. Just a sense check. It is not unreasnoble to expect that brand new tiles are not chipped right?

They were hastily cleaning the tiles with vinegar before they left. The grout is patchy in places too.

How should I approach the conversation with the builder? I’m trying to just stick to the facts. I paid a fair price. It wasn’t a cheap job.

The black haze will go after a few wash’s
Chipped tiles are a defect that should be corrected or they could be repaired in situ you would come to amicable agreement on cost
Replacing the tiles means more work and mess and a pissed builder


Thanks Wise. He came round today as he was also going to fit some skirting boards. He will replace all the tiles and make good the job.

Apparently he was using a, “new guy,” to do the finishing. Good result in the end and restored some confidence. Annoying though.

I’m getting used to having the bike next to my desk in the office seeing as it’s been there for a few weeks now. I’ll post some pictures when I get everything fixed.


A good outcome

Apparently the new guy went a bit berserk with the tungsten steel tool. The guy who I spoke to today was so mad because he’d laid all the tiles so he knew none of them were damaged on Friday morning, all the damage happened after that.

Anyway thanks for the advice. Always good to hear from people who know more about this than I do.

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Funny how the new guys never say anything.

We had similar in our bathroom, the tiling was F’ing appalling! when I pulled them up on it, they said new guy as well You would think they would check right! (for the record ours were way worse, to the point you could not miss this s**t show on display).

I just do my own now, gets a proper job done and any cracks/chips get fixed straight away :rofl:

Honestly, its cost them a lot to rectify with respect to time and materials. To redo it all will take about a day and they have to purchase new tiles too.

They’ve had a fair amount of work from me with no payment issues so the owner was annoyed about the reputational damage. I’m pleased that it’s getting sorted but strange that one individual can balls someting up and hope no one notices.

A different group I had do some landscapimg said they had an electrician who wired an outdoor socket. When I had it inspected by an actual electrician he reeled off a list of everything that was wrong with it. And that was only a bloody socket.

Now I keep noticing tiles everywhere.

Turned out alright in the end.


That’s a bit nice, needs some colour though