Poppins to Shane's House

After Poppins a few of us are going over to Shane’s then Clapham tea hut. Anyone wanting to join us (his Mrs makes a pukka cuppa so I’m told :slight_smile: ) or send over some grapes, joke books etc, we’ll be leaving poppin’s around 10ish :smiley:

Is there cake? :wink:

Yeh Tug’s bringing it, think he’s trying to sweeten up smiled for something :wink:

Tell Debz to bring her outfit, Bed baths in order :smiley:

I will come along after poppins if there is space.

yes im up for that…see my mate shane:D

i can confirm that his Mrs does make a nice cup of tea.

I second that Andy!

Why don’t you take him round a pineapple - he won’t know WTF to do with it but it’ll be a laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m up for popping round to see him too. I’ll be bringing some bubble wrap for the bike and him :wink:

I’m up for visiting too :slight_smile:

OK see u friday…poppins first…:slight_smile:

Looks like all you girls can sort his bed bath out then :smiley:

Terry, make sure you take a camera then, you could make a fortune on those ‘members only’ speciality websites you and Tug keep visiting! :smiley:

I’ll be up for the ride :stuck_out_tongue:

Debz said PVC or Lycra? :PHang on, is that when we pick you up or for Shane? :smiley:

sounds good to me.

Debz in PVC or seeing Shane :wink:

I’m easy, whatever :slight_smile:


be good to see you lot…really will…

fookin pinapple!!..lmfao:laugh:

loads of space in the coldisack and will warn the neighbours…

i’ll tell the mrs to get the coldrine warmed up for the tea…lol;)

see ya’ll laters!!!

and thanks guys


Well I hope you lot showing up on mass made Shane feel better, rather than worse!! :wink:

Where’s the pics of Debz in her nurse’s outfit then?

Sorry I couldn’t make it dude, I had friends visiting from down south so I was out having a few beers in your honour! :smiley:

Lets hope the visitation last night aids in a speedy recovery!

It was a great night as usual but Shane blew us out, maybe he couldn’t cope with Debz in PVC :smiley: