Poppins Friday 22nd June

It’s on this week folks get on down (well depends on which way ya come it could be get on up )

I might shock you again and be there mate.

IF I go I’ll meet you there.

i will try and pop down.will have to see if i can move my times around…ok i will see you there

Err ok, coming up from the A406 where exactly is this place again? Will have to see if i can make it down as i dont fancy the ace on friday anymore?

sounds interesting!

what’s this meet about?

It’s nice place and great food too.

What time? I might try and find it, it’s off the A24 ?

Upper Richmond Road East Sheen and it’s on form about 7.30ish

Will try to make, working on the bike on friday afternoon hopefully will be done by evening.

i will head to the ace and then onwards to there…

im hopeing to be there!!! i love my fridays out!!!