Poppins Christmas Dinner 7/12/07

You can give your names and deposit this Friday night

just a quick word of advice, Ginger we know you will be there so behave yourself,

I’ll be there, already paid me deposit :smiley:

soon as im out and about again…i’ll pay me 15 sobs mate;).

good tukka there:D and fantastic place to have a propper crimbo dinner…


I will be there, will see you this week Mike.

i cant make it im at a works christmas doo and gotta work on the saturday so you need to behave yourself

yes im up for this, please add my name!:slight_smile:

all you need to do is turn up friday and pay your deposit.

p.s. knocker dont forget to bring some money with you this week.

I’ll be giving this one a miss, got my works Christmas do

I’m up for this, not back till the 26th so i’ll give you my deposit then.:smiley:

Any of the regular friday nighters that have’nt paid there deposit and want to go, send me a pm and I’ll sort it with Poppins :slight_smile:

I’ll probably come to Poppins but eat from the normal menu. I’m not a fan of xmas dinner.

how do i go about paying for it can i pay on the night with a credit card or do i have to pay you?


you should be ok to pay on the night and you can pay by card. we have allowed for a few.

cheers many thanks hope to see you there , should be with my bruv firebladepaul and sharon.

As its you and your Pauls bruv, I’ll let em know your coming ;):slight_smile:

All booked with Poppins for Rouge, JasonB and Smiled :slight_smile:

i will be giving this a miss im still waiting for my bike to come back from the mechanics i will have my bike back on the 15thdec:D

For the ones that are going Not long now

Ginger ya dont need a Doggy Bag :smiley: