Poplar this morning

Came out of the Blackwall tunnel this morning and turned off towards London. Stopped at the first set of traffic lights and became aware of sirens, lots of them. Looked across the road to the north bound slip road back on to the A12 and saw a white (Transit?) van surrounded by police cars. Some of the police jumped out of their cars and ran at the van, at which point he reversed, did a u turn and headed off back down East India Dock road in the wrong direction. I saw what appeared to be an injured policeman holding himself up against his car while the others gave chase, not sure if the van had hit him or run over his foot.
Traffic lights changed to green and off I went, only got as far as the next set of lights though (Cotton Street). The police were now running around at the opposite junction, cars parked up, and some were helping a man out of his car at the front of traffic lights. It took me a few seconds to realise what had happened, the van had crashed headfirst into the car and the occupant/s had jumped out and ran. Three lanes of traffic stood still at the traffic lights and he’s managed to plough into it, what a complete t0sser:angry:
The car driver appeared to be ok from what I could see, unfortunately the van driver must have been ok also as he managed to run. Let’s hope he gets what he deserves. Had that been a bike at the front of the traffic it could have been alot more serious. Can’t help wonder what the point was though, it’s not as if he’s got any chance of getting away from the police in London rush hour and he could have easily killed someone while trying.

hope they caught the scum!

I suppose that there’s always a chance he might agonisingly bleed to death in a nearby culvert :unsure:


Is that near city airport?

2 or 3 miles away.

they did catch him - i was in Charlie’s Barbers at the time when he crashed into two other motors on the other side of the road and ran off, saw him sprint past with a load of coppers chasing him. By the time my haircut was finished, they were marching him back to the cars and slapped him down on the bonnet! On the way home, saw the police bm he smashed into as well! Crazy! Only in good ole east london do you get that kind of action at 9am on a tuesday morning right outside your local barbers!:D:D.

btw the aformentioned barbers shop is right by the traffic lights where said transit crashed!:smiley:

lol I once was behind a car which went through a yellow, I stoppe waited went green, turned the corner and this said car was in the middle of the road all doors open and about 30 coppers looking in buhes and bins and that. where all these coppers came from is beyond me as this was about 100 metres from the lights and I did not see one of them but would love to know what that car had been upto (well the occupants anyway)