Pop, ever had that sinking feeling?

On my way in in the rain this morning, half a mile from home, hears a loud pop, like a stone pinging out from under the tyre. But it wasn’t wobble, get off, kick tyre, hmmmm, ******. So I had to wobble home get out of my wet gear and nick the car off the Mrs.

Now, to get it fixed without me being there ready for tomorrow, I have to think up a cunning plan.

ah fooker, has this my self this morning, didnt go flat tho…

i used to worry bout it alot! now i have breakdown cover on my insurance, so if i get a puncture anywhere…i just ring them, they send an SOS van to me and we go to essential rubber…sorted!
no longer worry cos im covered.

im with suzuki express, under equity redstar:)

Your probably best to get separte break down cover form the likes of AA or RAC (whom i am with and never had any trouble with them). They cover you only, both on the car and bike (or any other car/bike you are on if you are a passagner!)

This is usually cheaper from what you would get within your insurance quote, as they would normally give you a deal as a first time buyer. But they are many options to selecte from, varying in prices, for things like cover aboard, home start etc.:cool:

for the record mine costs £50 on top of my insurance wich is a minor, as i get a ‘proper’ bike recovery service, not the AA or RAC…oh and they dont take hours to get to me either, last time i used them they took just over an hour and i got a courtesy call to apologise for the slight delay as they had said within the hour:) excellent service me thinks, poor alistair( andrea’s fella) had to wait 3 HOURS! for the RAC…that is a joke…

and i have heard many stories about AA and RAC people sodding up simple repairs…

i’m a through and through biker so i dont own a car:D

if in doubt carry a crafty plugger kit;)