Poole Quay

…apparently on Tuesday evenings they are already averaging over 3000 bikes there and a mate that lives in Bournemouth reckons that it’s quiet at the moment :w00t:

thought it might be a good ride down one evening.

Any LB interest?

Its a great ride down as well. And the fish and chips are lovely down there.

Good shout Chenster, anyone interested in going?

I’d be interested in tagging along, but i’ll wait 'til i get th R1 back ;)could be this time next year the way things are going!!!

I’d be interested :slight_smile:

How about A272 til Winchester, A3090, A31 til Wimbourne Minster, then south to Poole???


I’d take a while though

sort a date out as I’d have to book time off work, but my friends down there reckon its a good turnout :slight_smile:

well i reckon it’s a go then even with just us few.

probably be whenever PJ can have a tuesday off in July :wink:

and as for it taking a while that depends on how we spare the horses eh???

Ricky will the gravester be back by 1st week in July??

maybe pencil in either Tuesday 1st, Tuesday 8th or Tuesday 15th July

Might be able to do 1st or 15th depending on approval from the wife:)

I’m up for this too. What time would we be leaving?

Just in the planning stage but if it’s really going to take 3 hours then mid afternoon i’d say but so far there’s nothing set in stone.

I should bloody hope so :w00t: although some running in is needed so the 15th would probably be better for me :smiley:

Shouldn’t take 3 hours, I did it last year in 2 and thats from Dartford area. Poole is best looked at as a "some where to go " rather than “a ride out too” get there the fastest route, enjoy, then have a bimble back, it is well worth the hack.

I’d agree, should be able to do Poole in 2hrs, it takes me 3hrs to get to my mum’s place in Weymouth and I don’t hang about! :wink:

Bike night in Poole is a good night, it gets very very busy in summer and 5-0 are very much present on all of the roads approaching it. You’ll want to get the Rossi syndrome out of your system before you get within 10miles of the place! :wink:

Best to get there around 6ish otherwise you’ll be parking so far from the quay you could have left the bike outside your own house and walked!! :smiley:

If the weather is good it’s definitely worth making the effort for, I’d be up for it, once we know when I’ll get in touch with a few people down that way and see if they want to meet up.

Timbo… Can you recommend a bike friendly hotel/guest house in Weymouth area mate?:cool:

Yeah my Mum’s house!! :smiley:

I park my bike on the drive down the side of the house behind a locked gate and sleep in the caravan in her back garden about 10 feet away, she does a great fry-up after a night on the ale with my bro too!! :wink:

I’ll ask around and get back to you Andy.

I always thought there was something a bit pikey about you:P:D:D

Cheers me dearz;)

ok the 15th provisionally.

that ok PJ?

Will see if i can change my day off, shouldn’t be a prob but i will let you know asap.

Chenster, Count me in mate… I will work from home that day!!! if you know what I mean.

What sort of time are you planning on leaving?

I will also check if Gavin and Ian are available too…oh and Bad-Boy

was looking like a 3.30/ 4ish set off time if ok by everybody BUT if the ‘upright’ crew are coming along i’d better bring the time forward to midday :wink:

so at the moment 3/4ish set out from Ace on the 15th is lightly pencilled in

names so far:









anybody else wanting to add themselves then feel free

Might make that one, but the route I usualy take, avoiding too much motorway, is the A3 to A31 to Winchester then M27 to Cadnam and over the forest to Lyndhurst and in through Christchurch. Its a fairly quick route with a couple of short motorway stretches. You have to watch out for Deer and Wild Ponies on the road in the forest :DShould take about 2-3hrs from SE London. Ian (Dino)