Pool Quay Tuesday 21st

Ok, So I am definately going to Poole on Tuesday, I will be leaving about 10.30-11 in the morning though, to go to www.moorespeedracing.com for 1pm to get some bits n pieces sorted on my bike which will take a couple of hours. Then go find some Dorset twisty’s for a couple of hours till Bike night if anyone is interested.
If anyone is going later in the evening, I’ll ride back with you if you let yourself be known. :smiley:

Noooooooooo:w00t: Must be on a saturday:D

but Poole Quay is on a Tuesday evening;) not a lot of point going on a Saturday, you will be on your own:)

Yeh i Know im just jealous:angry:

I’ll go down with you one Sat if you want Rob.

Do you no what Hannibal your a bloody gem.:smiley: But your right its a tuesday meet. Will talk to the rebels, get details and blast down straight after work:D See you there mate;)

I’ll be there on Tuesday I expect…it’s during that part of the week where I play a country bumpkin and live with my parents…and it’s only 15minutes to the quay from there so be rude not to.

ok. and if you’re at a loose end and want to show me some Dorset twistys, let me know, the shop will be finished with me by about 3, otherwise I’ll go explore on my own :slight_smile:

oh and Rob, do you think you and some of the riot mob will make it?

Dont think they will. Not spoken to them yet thier out playing without me:w00t:

Yep…I’ll more than likely be at a loose end…and I’ll have a think about some good roads, although I haven’t lived down there since I’ve had a bike so I have to go into it with fresh eyes. I’ll confirm on Monday that I’m down and PM with my number so you wecan hook up somewhere.

hmm… seeing as I haven’t been on the bike at all this weekend, this could be of interest, will confirm on Monday though

OK chappities…I shall be going to my rentals in Dorset this evening so I will be at Poole tomorrow for sure. If peeps want to meet before hand then I’m up for it and can figure out some sort of route that will possibly take us into the quay. Can you guys let me know:

a) if you’re deffo coming so I know how many to expect

b) where you know somewhere along the way that would be an obvious and convenient place to meet. I’m thinking somewhere along the A31.

I shall check in this evening to see what comes up.

Will be checking weather for tuesday later in the day. Will update then;)

Well I’m there anyway, come rain or shine. :wink:

Sorry peeps going to have to bail out at this time:unsure: Dont mind little rain but looks like theirs some heavy s**t on its way:w00t: Sorry guys want to do this but must be in better conditions. Hannibal you have a good one;)

Amen to that…I’ve just seen our local forecast (just got back down to Dorset) and the forecast is for some very heavy rain.

Will review first thing in the morning.

Just come back from Dorset today, was fine when we left, I promise i didnt bring all the good weather back with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I better find my waterproofs