Police Officers to be tracked by GPS


Police in Portland Oragon are being fitted with GPS tracking in their vehicles to allow the public to track them on their PDA’s , Mobiles, etc.

The information will be available on the Njection.com Website giving its visitors a detailed view of where police officers are in their area and how well they are responding to crime in their neighborhood.

“This level of transparency is highly unprecedented.” says Shannon Atkinson, President/Founder of Njection.com. “It is very heartwarming to receive this level of access for such an organization. We feel honored to be in such an exclusive arrangement.”
Not only will the “Near Real Time” information be available on the website (http://njection.com/coptrak) , but it will be available via Windows Mobile 6, Blackberry Mobile phones, and Palm Mobile Phones as well for anyone to access.
“I feel a lot better with this announcement.” Jeffery Jarvis, 2nd time felon looking at his 3rd strike. “This information will be very helpful for me in my line of work. I am just upset that is has taken this long to get something like this started”
“There are always some bugs we need to work our initially,” Shannon adds, “but I am confident that injuries will be low and people will feel a lot safer knowing where they are at all times.”
The screen of your PDA would look like this http://njection.com/coptrak/
I wonder how long it will be before we get this in london?:w00t:

They need something like that in Wales -


Oh great - lets highlight to all the burglars what areas DONT have any police anywhere near.

At least they know where hidden speed traps are:cool:

Sod the burglars then - they’d have a job at my house anyway - GPS the police!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

the technology is already here and in use in london.

police vehicles are tracked all the time , and the gps technology is included on the new personal radios and is a mere flick of a switch away!!

lets just hope they dont give it public access… how horrible to think your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend can check up on you when ur supposed to be working !!!:P:P

Transparancy and Public Accountability are Mad Ken’s words of the week so watch this space:P

It would be great advertising for Bar Italia and Krispy Kremes too;):smiley:

It would be great advertising for Bar Italia and Krispy Kremes too;):smiley:
I don’t know what you mean,never frequent these sort of places:P

As it’s past midday i will ask you to make a note of today’s date;):D:D:D

Bugger!!! I was going to post a thread saying i’d won millions on the lottery but completely forgot.Just as well as I think that might have just annoyed folk.:stuck_out_tongue: