Police not allowed to chase riders without helmets

What is your view on police being instructed not to pursue people on motobikes/scooters if they are not wearing helmets? See this as an example http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/gang-hammer-wielding-thieves-left-tear-5985311

To me, it almost appears to give licence for villains to commit crime and get a free getaway pass, simply by not wearing a helmets. What would happend if civilians, like us, wear to follow them?

Was speaking to a Met Police mate on this subject. Said they probably would chase someone who was sans-helmet. But I guess its up to the individual officer and the situation at the time.

While I can see their point of view on safety grounds, the sort of person who will commit a robbery and then escape on a scooter is likely the sort of person who doesn’t value their safety too much. Bit of a get out of jail free card there, if you can cover your face in a different way than a helmrt you can get off scot free.

“Scot free” haha, just noticed that

If they chased them and one of them ended up with his brains spread down the road (which is not exactly unlikely) then the same journalists would be writing an article about reckless police pursuits. The police can’t win, I guess their only option is to get the helicopter up and try and catch them when they stop - ideally by setting the dogs on 'em.

^^ What he said ^^ however an hour operating a helicopter can cost well over 1K, so when they think about the value of the stolen item or the crime comited, it better be something of value or serious crime… or they will probably think twice about getting the chopper there, or divert it from another task. (say car theft, knife crime, drug busts, masses controls)

I know. How you think I got away till now…:smiley:

Yeah I’ve heard cases where the scrotes being perused removed their helmets so that they wouldn’t be chased anymore. I think the Brazilian Police have a more robust approach towards pursuing scrotes on motorcycles.

“Robust” is perhaps an understatement when it comes to the brazilian police’s approach to most things.

It’s my understanding that a pursuit requires ongoing approval from a higher-up beyond some particular point, the idea being that the person making the decision as to whether it’s safe to continue is made by someone who isn’t adrenaline-charged as a result of being involved in it. I don’t think this is a blanket ban so much as a general rule that when the pursued isn’t wearing a helmet the risk of someone dying in the pursuit outweighs the potential benefits. Generally, yeah, it’s the case that if you’re trying to evade the police and you make chasing you incredibly dangerous, the police are likely to stop chasing you. I’m not sure I disagree with that, though.

Unless you get it from the horses mouth so to speak then you can only assume
im sure the police will be more than obliging discussing what they can and cannot do

Depends on the offense. If it was for a serious assault or worse then game on regardless but too many variables to write on here. My opinion!

there was a programme on tv last week ,think its called the met police or something like that,apparently around camden town they have been having big problems with loads of crime from scooter riders,so they had a neighbourhood meeting and a police officer attended the officer got pretty ripped into by all the residents and he admitted there hands are pretty tied because if the scooter rider dies in a police chase it causes big problems…me i would just call it karma.

For me it depends on the crime; if said criminal has stolen something then it’s not worth killing or maiming them, however, if they have hurt someone or worse, then they’re fair game.

It’s a tough one really, like people who get prosecuted for injuring burglars that they find in their house. There is an argument that says if you commit a crime then you have to take what’s coming to you. I think if you choose to run from the police then you have to take your chances, that’s the decision you’ve made and you should deal with the consequences as you had the choice to stop. At least in the UK they don’t gun you down so you’ve slightly better odds then in other places.

Can’t the police just fire a harpoon tracker into the scrotes, like those things scientists use to monitor whales. That way there’s no need to pursue.
My understanding from the nature programmes is that no long term harm is caused ;).

Agreed. Or use one of those emp launchers from “fast and furious”. The bike would slowly lose power and come to a stop. Though, the coppers would need to be careful not to take out one of the scrotes legs.