Police Jihad on small plates

OK, for the second time in a month I have been stopped for my plate, this time I got a £30 fine . . . . . M25 near the M40 a Senator hiding in a maintenence layby must have grassed me, bike cop must have been radioed as he knew about the plate despite being ahead of me.

So what, serves me right I suppose, whatever, but the interesting bit was that he told me the same story the other one told me a month ago

“I keep on having failure to stop chases with sportsbikes with small plates” etc. etc. “wheelie away” etc. the interesting bit being I didnt believe the excuse from either one, but why did they even bother having to justify themselves ???

FYI he said nothing about visor or pipe AND admitted a more medium sized plate would be fine - its yer fag packet sized jobbies they are after…

When I have some cash I’d like to tidy up my rear end. I do like the look of small plates but I know it’s just another reason to get pulled and to have to hand over cash so I won’t bother.

I think with the amount of bikes being used in crime nowadays, some forces are going to be harsh about it, which is understandable(ish). If you are happy taking the £30 fine then fair enough !

My advice dont take the mick and go to small and use a standard font, 3 years and never been pulled for mine

They do look good though !

That sucks Kao5. I agree with Flatout, I have only been pulled once for a small plate, but there were mitigating circumstances, I run a regular-font, two-line, small to medium sized plate. I don’t class it as taking the mick, it’s still perfectly readable, but yet doesn’t make the bike look naff and slow me down like an air-brake.

That said, I was sat at some lights in Richmond today, alongside two Police cars, and one of the drivers rolled the window down and said “Your plate’s too small, did you know that? The officer behind me is a Traffic cop and says you need to change it”… Funny thing really, all I could say was “oh right, i didn’t know, okay”…

Pretty rare that happens in West London I find!

Jay, were can I get a “medium sized” plate like that, my current one is HUGE?

never been stopped for my plate! and its never been mentioned when ive been stopped otherwise! its not stupidly small and it dont look like its off a lorry, normal font style but with carbon effect lettering! (goes pretty colours with different light on it). even when they took my bike away for the night the guy had his torch out having a look and didnt say a word! picked me up for the LED not working though!!

have a look in most bike mags for company’s doing plates! you can design em online! mine cost £6 and arrived 2 days later!!

Cheers adam, will have a butchers now.

http://www.malplates.co.uk is where I get mine. If you get one, don’t forget the ‘londonbikers.com’ tag on the bottom!

A perfect example of ‘putting the mockers’ on yerself


Cheers Jay, will get the Londonbikers tag put on.

Love the title of the thread!