Police Community Support Officer

Almost took me out in Camberwell this morning. He was on a moped filtering at about 25, and clearly hadn’t spotted me despite my full beams and rather more sedate filtering. Anyway, he slammed on his fronts and almost came off onto his left hand side.

Cue his female colleague who was filtering rather more safely behind him laughing hysterically, and me asking her if they had had any training to be riding.

total idiot.

Bet he felt a right plonker, poor sod. And you might have been cross but he’ll DEFINITELY get some serious stick from his female colleague. You can bet he’ll be MUCH more careful next time he’s out with her, she probably won’t let him forget that for a looooong time…

Girls: 1 Boys: zilch.

she did tell me that they’d had no rider training beyond a CBT, which is woefully inadequate for London, and I also managed to shout something along the lines of “hunt” at the guy as well, which she also laughed at.

I sense she could have taken her job more seriously.

Licenced Rider: 1 Piglets (as I like to call PCSO’s since my friend became one on Monday): zilch

Badly ridden scooters are an epidemic! It’s official

Good point…

PCOs and Traffic Wardens should be sent on some sort of Police Advanced Motorbike Training course at Hendon or summat.

If only to be a rolling advert for how scooters SHOULD be ridden…

or they should all be publicly birched.

They might enjoy that…

They are unbelievable - I filmed the one outside the Brazen Head one night - he was all over the road because he was looking at tax disks and parking meters rather than the road - he almost got knocked off twice.

Sent the recording to the traffic wardens office and heard nothing back - next time I’m going to send it to a well known national newspaper and see what they think.


I would.

That will save somebody a ticket-he will be at M&S buying some clean pants rather than ticketing cars

in other news: Walworth Road is all shut off, police and blue lights everywhere (this is where I was this morning when the PCSO kamikazed me). Anyone know why? It’s a big old stretch shut.


Shooting (again) apparently.