Police Advice

Hi ya,

Could someone who’s in the force and knows about fraud PM me? Got a couple of questions for ya.


GP x

sure!,…fire away…

PM’d you GP!.

Ask any Politician !!!

Thanks for your very helpful advice there Darryl

He beat me to it !

blatant ploy to meet a hunky uniformed type

Any Luton based police would still be very handy though…

Ha ha - I wish. I’ve always wanted to hold a truncheon.

why not tell us what it’s about, i’m sure there are lots of poorly informed experts (inc myself), who’d be willing to offer advice

I’ve got a better weapon than that … ok, I’ll get my coat !

Oh, and sorry, not Luton based !

I could point you in the direction of another blatant ploy, but that would be telling

ginger - i am a fraud investigator, if you need owt else, i may be able to help too

trojan’s still walking about with his weapon in his hand. now thats a worry

Only because when in uninform and visiting Frith Street strange men try to grab it…

It’s not bike related…