Podcast Q ???

is this weeks one avilable on mpo3 download ? i normally listen to it on itunes at home , but im going to be on the train and since i dont have an ipod with me i need justto copy it to the mp3 player… Link anyone ?

pm sent mate!

This all sorted now?


Any chance I can get access to an mp3 download too? Darn work firewall won’t let the podcast run

I’d like an mp3 file too actually. My linux music player doesn’t like the format of LB podcasts, despite it saying that it can handle podcasts.

Just for reference chaps, you can convert the podcast into a MP3 using iTunes by right clicking the chosen track and selecting “convert to MP3”

but for the guys who dont have or want iTunes it’ll be nice to have MP3 access… Also no it isnt sorted as i cant convert a protected file…

No rush now i’m at home :slight_smile:

PM me your email and I’ll send the convered file over

Hi guys - I have been thinking of providing an MP3 file along side m4a (which isn’t protected in any way guys so you can convert - and also play in anything that can play MPEG 4 files)… so from next week - alongside the M4A in iTunes I’ll also be providing a link to an MP3 file to download… will that help?

The reason I’ve not done it up to now is that I’m working hard to get iTunes to place us on the front page and also to get us into the top 100 - but MP3 downloads from the site don’t count… but I’ve always said if enough people want an MP3 version I’ll provide it…!


Mate do a survey, it just so happend from my part i wanted to listen to it on the train and i couldnt. Listened to it now anyway :wink:

As my Ipod has now expired and i’ve got a creative want the Mp3 version too if poss chaps.