Please tips for selling my motorbike

Hi all!

I have decided to sell CBR650R (2020). It’s immaculate with a very, very low mileage, however, I can’t use it.

I live in south-east London, and my doubts are how you do the selling process. After publishing the ad, where do you recommend meeting with a potential buyer? I’m not sure if the best idea is to stay at home and show the bike in my driveway. As you know, the level of robberies in London is too high

Regarding the ad, I thought to publish an ad on the MCN website, but most of the ads are from dealers. Is it the best place for publishing an ad?

Please can you share any tips or recommendations you have?


I always found I got a good interest on eBay. Sold both my bikes there. Auto Trader probably has a bit better reputation but seems.more geared to favour dealers.

The first time I was quite cautious and pushed it to the next road along. The second one I just pushed it up the road from me.

Think of it this way, the person doesn’t know where you live so no matter where they see it, they won’t know exactly where you live. From a buyers perspective it can also look suspect viewing a bike on a random street. For a lot of us who live outside of London, this level of scrutiny can come across as odd Just be sensible and move after they’ve moved away.

Take the photos where you can’t see where the bike lives. Make sure you never leave the keys grab able or with the owner.

Test rides after full money paid and they show you insurance. If they don’t have insurance and crash into someone, 3rd party can claim on your policy if it is still active.

There’s more tips no doubt but most important, communicate. I cannot tell you how many times I went to see a bike or spoke with people who could do little more than articulate grunts and think that just answering valid queries with one word would gain my interest to travel half the country.


I sold my old CB500 on ebay. I had an ad up with a £1,000 reserve and someone made me an offer. I was fortunate though. He was a serous buyer and once he inspected it he paid and rode it away.

I sprayed it with AFC50 a week before and hadn’t started it since. Thankfully the cloud of suffocating smoke didn’t put him off.

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Many thanks for your recommendations. I will check Auto Trader. I will follow your advice regarding the keys and no test driving to anyone.

Incidentally, I saw an absolutely mint CBR650R track bike at Donington Park yesterday. Looked and sounded brilliant. No doubt makes a fantastic track bike. Thought about converting it to a track bike @dani ? :slight_smile:

Yes Jay, this is my second option if I receive low offers for the bike. I did track days in the past, and the only problem is that they are addictive!

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You got close to a grand for that old heap?

You should defo consider a career in negotiating Joby :sweat_smile:

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Look at few adverts for other mo’cycles. Note the descriptions that make the mo’cycle appeal to you and translate them to suit your own advert.

Include: reason for sale; how long (time & mileage) in your ownership; number of previous owners; mileage; service history including any recently replaced parts and how long ago (in miles) the likes of the oil & filter, coolant, brake fluid, tyres, brake pads, etc were replaced. Also include any after market parts or accessories but don’t make them a highlight of the advert, folk will be looking to buy a motorcycle not a catalogue of accessories, besides most buyers will be more interested in an original unfettled, unmolested machine.

Pricing - It’s only going to be worth what the market will bear so price it according to the market. Note private sales are ‘sold as seen’ and will typically be 10% less than dealer sales which come fully valeted, serviced (albeit it only a tyre kicking and fluids top up) but they will have warranty and Legally Binding T&C’s including ‘Fit for Purpose’ and ‘Roadworthiness’.

Low offers arise when prospective purchasers turn up and see the condition is not as described or that some negatives has been left out of the description. For example if there is only 3 or 4 mm tread on the tyres and you don’t mention that in the advert you’re likely to get an offer of £300 less than you’re asking to cover the cost of the tyres. You know you mo’cycle better than anyone a fair description of all the positives and the negatives will leave prospective purchases no excuse to haggle.


The CB500? 90% of it was new by the time I sold it.

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Many thanks for the tips.

I have received an offer from SBF (SuperBikeFactory) which I’m considering.

They said they inspect the bike, happy with it, no problem, however do you know where they do it? I suppose at home before collect it, I don’t want to accept the collection and when they have the bike in the shop, then they suggest that the bike is not in good situation.

Didn’t they call you back?

not yet, just an email.