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So on the 18th June myself and afew others are taking part in the Tower to Tower ride.

That’s Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower.

Only 2 rules, it has to be completed on the day of the 18th and no motorways allowed. Plotting the route in googlemaps shows a time of 17.5hrs including the crossing so not much room for pit stops and things going wrong.

Details can be found in my sig line.

So please spare what you can.



Done :wink:


Thank you

Done Good luck:D


OK guys as said in the other post in the general section. I will match £ for £ any donation to make a wish through here to LAA.

Please put LB in the message so I can keep a tally

done, with pleasure :slight_smile:

Thank you


Don’t let me down…:smiley: Great Cause :wink: