please sign this important petition

the government is trying to double the vehicle excise duty for bikes.
follow the link below and we might change their minds?

you could pass teh link to all your bike riding mates too

I would be grateful for a pointer to where the new tax rates for bikes for 2009 have been published by the Government as I prefer to sign petitions after studying the facts.

Have long since given up signing these useless petitions, as that scotch twat running my country takes great joy in totally ignoring them.

just tax my 4x4

so am niot looking forward to the new bike tax

goverment rip off

sign paper wont do nothing why not hold a protest and block london with our bikes

im in if u wanna get it together

I’ve signed.

Well it’s another form of complait, about this Fing government.

I’ve signed

Fed up with taxation in this country

Done, another complaint about tax that the government will ignore and then claim that they are listening to the people.