Hi all,

for those of you who don’t know, i work for the ambulance service. today on an emergency transfer from stevenage to royal free in london, on two different occasions i was being tail gated by motorcycles, one nearly ended up in a really bad accident.


Not only is it very dangerous for your selves and other road user’s but if you get reported and caught you get a £5000 fine no exceptions.(according to a traffic policeman i was talking to)

thanx for reading benyboy

Are they effing mad??? What reason would they do that?

it aint me, my bike dnt keep up with traffic,

Nice and Polite and some Good Advice…

So take notice you fookin numbnutted r,s holes who ever ya are !

“£5k” for tailgating an ambulance?, in a Galaxy far far away maybe

I saw this the other morning on the A1 but it was a car behind the ambulance and not a bike.

Gotta admit, i do it all the time, as it clears the traffic to either side allowing me a safe spot to slip through without worrying about clipping wing mirrors etc. Must emphasise that i don’t tailgate the ambulance as i realise that many cage drivers instantly swing back to their original position instantly as soon as the ambulance passes them, without thinking about something behind, which is a reasonable assumption so i allow for it.

Only problem is, i usually find that it takes the cars so long to move over for the ambulance that i’d be better off going in front and filtering normally, as i’d still be well ahead. Usually i wait behind but sometimes get impatient and nip ahead as its slower to sit behind.

Ufortunately can’t do it with plod cars, just in case, but noticed yesterday coming down the A316 from Staines towards Richmond behind cop car that if only car drivers stayed to the outside/nearside of their lanes of their lanes that there was loads of room, funny enough, large enough to drive a cop car through, so why do they insist in bunching up, making things more difficult for bikes. Motorbike lanes down the middle in rush hour traffic anyone?

The A316 often has Ambulances trying to go down the middle, and yes there is plenty of room. I find it far easier to nip in front if an opportunity arises and help make the cagers aware that at least something is bearing down on them.

I don’t like following behind, cagers seem to lose all reason when they hear B&T.

Try a immediate ban with it and then you are back on earth…

Your right frenchy. Done some research, and basically it’s needs to be witnesed by a pc then you get done for “driving with out due care and attention” you get a fine and instant ban.

You managed to find a traffic plod ? Can you remind me what one of those looks like ? I thought the govt were employing traffic robots now, usually grey with a yellow head and a camera for eyes

I was fireman in London for some years, this used to happen all the time. Fortunately we had two trucks at Dagenham. A car was tailgating the first one right up to when it stopped outside the Mall on the Heathway (for those that know the area). I told the driver to pull the second truck right up to the bumper of the car thus blocking him in. Such a shame, we had to spend a lot of time checking the area and kept him there for nearly an hour. Not best pleased the poor lad. Of course we offered to call the police for him but he declined.

No you don’t !

CD10 Driving without due care & attention - 3-9 penalty points, fine not exceeding £2500, disqualification is discretionary.

dats quality m8.

Many years ago was standing on the corner of St Johns St and Theobalds road when an ambulance came down Theobalds Road and slowed abruptly to turn right into St John St. The courier following him was not so quick.

Luckily he hit him at no more than 10mph, ambulance driver was fuming as he had to cancell his call out to deal with the accident. I was only to happy to be a witness.

Know the area well, wish id seen that, and that the traffic warden up there had seen him there for that long…he comes out of the woodwork like a leech when he sees a car on the hill

I should know, i had couple of bags for the charity shop on the hill, couldnt find anywhere to park and bags were heavy? so parked up near the stn, ran into the shop, ran out and bang…one £40 ticket and a smug bar steward smiling at me…he must have been in the cafe just having a cuppa and waiting…