Please Read Very Important...

I have a very good mate of mine who is a Substance abuse worker and he just sent this info to me that he recieved from the Old Bill…

> SecurityWarning-
> We have received a warning from the London Ambulance Service of
> activities in their area. Whilst the below behaviour is not common
> place in our area I have spoken with Greater Manchester Police and
> their risk assessment of the action is to circulate it as a potential’
> The London Ambulance service have units closely associated with the
> Police based in South London who are basically Fighting Gang Crimes.
> The ‘street gangs’ in London (particularly South London at present,
> but it is sure to spread) have initiation tasks which new gang members

> have to carry out to be admitted to the ‘gang’. The latest craze is to

> drive around, deliberately with no lights on their cars.
> The first person who
> ‘flashes’ them, points at them or sounds their horn at them, has to be

> followed by that new gang member in their car, who then has to fire a
> shot into that vehicle with no regard as to who is inside.
> Our official instruction is that if we see a vehicle with no lights
> on, we are NOT to ‘flash’ it etc. and the advice to friends and family

> is that you should ignore any vehicles you see without lights.
> I would ask that you pass this info on to all your family, friends and
> colleagues and who knows, it may save a life.

I’m not in the habit of posting hoax’s so please take this to heart as it is genuine.


Absolute ******** !

Do we really have to put up with this spam on the forum?

Another hoax that’s been doing the rounds since the beginning of time. There’s so many of these unfortunately :frowning:

Oh, I remember hearing that one many moons ago, set in the States if my memory serves me correctly (which it very occasionally does!)

Yeah, it’s been going round for a few years now.

Look I thought I would just be polite and post this up if you think it should be removed then so be it.

For the record this particular friend works as part of a Youth Outreach Team in Soho dealing with all the gang kids and youth offenders and was kind enough to pass this info onto to me.

If indeed it is a hoax I apologise and then admin should remove it.


FFS why can’t people check on Snopes first?

thanks…i remember this stuff going on around 2003.

More like 1993…

jimc (29/11/2007)

FFS why can’t people check on Snopes first?[/quote] Never knew this site existed but thanks for that and I’ll pass this link on to my mate…and I apologise profusely for post this up.

Its cool, I think your intentions were there. Bit harsh some of the responses…

I agree with Elad. You posted up in good faith. And some of the reply’s you got was harsh. Sorry about that Mate

I’m fully in sympathy with Barfly - but so many people now send these round-robin ‘Warnings’ that they get very irritating when you see them for the umpteenth time.

Big hint, if any email has any of these words “Very Important” or “Pass it on to all your friends” then it is 100% certain it is a hoax of some sort (albeit some have a glimmer of true history).

And whatever you do folks, never pass them on yourselves, even if you are sensible enough to put all your recipients in the Bcc header of your email.

yep heard this before about 4 yrs ago, shame its still going about!

well i flashed peeps the other day, but the power of my 125 got me away!:D, sorry only kidding.

That was a “Whoosh” then, agreed? :wink:

Can I just say, I really don’t think barfly deserved THAT MUCH of a flaming…specially formt eh more seasoned members of the LB Mahoosive! Come on guys, where’s the COMMUNITY spirit. Polite message saying “This one’s bene up before!” rather than tactical nuclear, YOU MORON YOU MUST DIEE, type messages…

:smiley: Merry early crimbo y’all. Had a bad day yesterday, so trying to make up for all my angry rantings by being nice today. PLUS, ITS FRIDAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Oh crap, Christams shopping tomorrow…not good with hangover…

OK Apologies for setting the tone of replies on this.No hard feelings Barfly? I think it was just the combined pet hates of spam, a title that was totally not describing what the post was about, and demanding to be read.I do have no regrets though in the hope that it is less likely to happen again.:cool: