Please Explain> Tyre Safety

First of all, Id like to make it clear…
I don’t want this thread to turn into a ‘He’s/She’s an idiot blah blah blah’,
more of a thread to help people understand why tyres need to be looked after.

This is a rear the tyre being used by a young rider.
Although they seemed to be adamant its going to be changed very soon
I dont feel I got my point across well enough, so im hoping the world of LB can explain the reasons
why we need to take care of our tyres.

Nothing wrong with that tyre, got loads left in it :w00t:

Did anyone catch motorbike rescue last night (think that’s what it’s called) it’s about motorbike cops and motorbike paramedics.
A copper pulled a Lithuanian bloke up on the M25/A13 roundabout at Aveley. His tyre was down to the cords!! I’ve never seen anything like it, he tried saying it happened yesterday and he was on his way to get a new tyre, but it was
obvious it had been like it a long while!

It’s difficult trying to explain to someone who just doesn’t want to listen…

I saw a guy on a kwak one day in London Bridge and his tyre was showing the white of the cords… pretty much across the tyre. His tyre had deflated pretty much entirely and he wasn’t holding back on the accelerator.

I pulled up to him at the lights but despite my protests he just said “I’m getting it changed today” and sped off…

I had the same a couple of years ago coming off the A40 at Hanger Lane. Pointed out to the rider his rear tyre was dangerous (again white cords showing), I got told to **** off.

I had a rear tyre go flat pretty quickly on my scooter many years ago, I was just around the corner from my house so I topped up the air at the local garage and rode the last couple of streets very slowly, pretty much with my feet down, it was still a bugger to control turning corners as the tyre rolled on the rim.

Tell him to let all the air out of the tyre and try riding it round the car park, then imagine suddenly having that lack of control if the tyre blew mid corner at 40mph.

metal drain covers.

Perhaps point out to them that if they crash with an illegal tyre, their insurance is invalid.

Plus 3 points & £60 per dodgy tyre if you get pulled - more if it goes to court

Bruises, cuts, broken limbs, paralysis, death…

This is good, keep going…

Feel free to post some photos of why…


This person will send me a confirmation photo of the new replacement tyre today…

perhaps we are wasting time with someone who doesnt care about their own safety. if they dont care about having a crash and getting hurt, then be it. but yes, a valid point about the insurance, maybe they care about their wallet more :smiley:


They have now told me they have a new tyre.
Although I cant confirm it, but I do believe them.

i can confirm bob, now i know wtf is going on:laugh:

3 points and £100 fine :wink:

a tyre aint finished till there cord hanging out of it