Please check you lights!

in the past 2 days I have seen 3 bikes with no rear lights and 1 with a brake light jammed on.

so guys make sure your doing your daily spot checks.

Yup just checked…mines still in the garage;)

maybe we need to change the light bulbs :hehe:

seriously tho at times like these, when we are riding in the dark most of the time -(its dark in the morning and the evening) checking all your lights & indicators work is a must

I always check before i go out.

No excuses for not checking regularly on a bike. You can see all of the lights (or the beams/reflections) in about 30 seconds, max.

So explain while I contend I do this regularly that I can’t remember the last time I did this.

Timely reminder.

When i see a bike with a light out ,i usually try to get their attention, or tell the rider at the lights when we stop, but sometimes I think they’re well aware, but just too lazy to change the bulb. Often they just say “Yeah, i know”

I check regularly and have spare bulbs. BUT I’ve been told by a rider that my lights were out when they were not. I was using engine braking/gears and did not come to a complete stop at lights before they changed…

Good reminder.:cool:

I charged up the Ducati’s battery last weekend and checked the lights (yes, I was considering going out for a quick blast!). The Riot is a kick start only and kick starting bikes is justtt a lil’bit of an issue at the mo!:blush:

Always good to have a reminder, ta!

i always check all mine before i set off any way.

Good call, but even if you are using Engine braking, its wise to give a little squeeze on the foot brake just enough to light your brake light so that some eejot cager does not rear end you :wink:

Quite right. It is something that occured to me after that particular comment. I’ve been doing so when cars are behind.:smiley:

I never check my lights.

I’m a biker, and that means I’m a rufty tufty rebel and no one’s going to tell me what to do.

If I don’t want to check my lights, then I don’t have to, and I wish all you safety police would just shut up and go play with your beards.

Besides, I’m the only one that’s important here, and I can’t see my brake lights when I’m hooning up the motorway at 100mph on one wheel, so why should it bother me.

And anyway, my “can” is so loud that I don’t need lights. And I never use the brakes anyway, because one of the really-even-more-rufty-tufty-than-me bikers told me that brakes were for cissies.

Ooops, sorry. Wrong thread :Whistling: