Please can you remove yourself from my house, officer!

I can’t help but laugh while watching this video, especially the second part. The guy is asking a simple question and the police officer is not complying just despite.

See for yourself:

This is the sort of nonsense the police have to put up with, and people wonder why they sometimes never come…what a twat !

totally agree with you rusty

people find it easy to knock the police but when it comes to sticking on a stab vest for not a lot of money see who steps up

he was a complete Twat how he dealt with the Police, Hats off to the 2 Coppers how well they Handled it!

I think hit the nail when she mentioned the state of his mental health.

I think he’s entirely correct and that officer should of removed her foot from his property pronto :pinch:

I agree Bang, she was not invited into his property and if he tried to close the door he would have been arrested for assault or breach of the peace or whatever they wanted.
I also agree with some of the other statements but they are public servants and are now carrying body cameras. So we have the right to film them too, good for the goose and all that.

If the camera van man had a better attitude or training there would have been no fuss

God his voice was annoying :doze:

All parties demonstrated a high level of idiocy on this film…

I found the culprit.