Planning a trip along Route 1 - tips and advice gratefully received


I have a new job which will take me to California a couple of times a year. I didn’t need much persuading for that gig!

Anyway, I have to do the WCH. I’m going out in January for a recci and will do the trip in June with a mate.

I’m thinking of going from SF to LA and hiring a Harley Road King :slight_smile:

Any advice from bikers that have done it before would be welcome.

Where can I hire a bike? How much will it cost? How long will the trip take? How do i get my luggage from SF to LA? (FedEx?). Great places to stop/visit enroute?

Cheers in advance

Hey there,
Did you get the info you wanted?
I rode a Road King one way from SF to LA, great experience, hire co, sights & road etc.

Let me know if you need anything else,



Always wanted to do that - in fact I started thinking about it when I was in the States in April. Would be really interesting to see some of your pictures Mark and to know more about Eazie’s route. Would you mind posting some of the pictures of the trip up on this thread, for us to have a look?



Deathbymonkey is a wonderful forum name, welcome to LB dude :wink:

Hi eezie,

Trust by now you’ve done the trip and had a good time.

I did it in a beat-up Dodge Cargo (a lot like a Ford Transit). Me and the then-girlfriend threw a mattress and a barbecue in the back and clocked up about 2,000 miles.

Started in SF, headed south on the Pacific Highway, kicked inland somewhere near Bakersville, went through the Mojave Desert to Death Valley (seriously f**ing hot BTW), went north to Yosemite National Park (awesome) then back through the north California wine country to land back in SF.

Awesome trip. Would have been more so on a bike.

One tip for anyone reading this? Avoid those famous iconic roads on US public holidays. They make the M25 look deserted.