Planning a rideout

NB: it wont be this route, but I’ll mention it as some of it will be.

London - Chatham - Sheerness - Ashford - Tenterden - Hastings - Bexhill - Ashdown Forest - Edenbridge - London.

Well, Sheerness (town) is quite cute considering, while the docks are not so cute, and one can experience the thrill of wondering if the S.S. Richard Montgomery is gonna pop during your visit. The bridge over the Swale is a hoot so long as you cross it at full tilt, but watch out for Kent traffic cops.

Ashford - Hastings has some nice bits of bendy road, I like.

Bexhill: by chance, the kiosk on the front had reopened today for the season and it was ice-cream time - make mine a 99 (or 2). I felt justified and ancient :w00t:

Ashdown Forest looked absolutely lovely, as ever.

Got home to find a £60 yella box penalty - I got stitched on the way to the Ace last Sunday. Cest la vie. Anyway, 190 miles today and much of it was commendable.

Let us know when you plan to do this - we are def up for it, particularly the penalty notice (not really - sorry to hear about that - any chance of speed awareness training instead?)

We have been looking forward to this rideout for at least two years, and you’ll have the chance to get yer own back on us:D:D

Speed awareness for a yellow box penalty! LOL!