Planned riot in London today!

I think I’ll leave the train at home and ride The Riot to work today!:w00t:

I’ve not had a chance to ride the bikes for many weeks, well, nothing meaningful. So look out London!:stuck_out_tongue:

Will the Riot make an appearance at Borough tonight then?:wink:

will you be making an appearance tonight?

I wont as I never go to the meets during week am always too busy…but I will be taking the boy to school today on the GT750…



Sadly not. :frowning: My daughter is out so whilst mum drops her off, I looking after my son:w00t: Yep, there more McC’s enroute to LB:hehe:

Rioting, what a way to start the day! :D:D:D

Home safe-n-sound:) Commuting on a bike can be so much fun. Cause I normally use the train, the ride is a real hoot!:smiley:

Have fun at the BMM:cool:

Why have you been using the train? The weather has not been that bad this winter.


(Note to self. Must buy a jacket that doesn’t leak every time it’s not sunny.)

Cause commuting by bike sucks! I did it for very many years and stopped enjoying it when I had to do it all the time - day in, day out. I felt like I had done a days work by the time I got to work!:hehe: If you dont like it, why take the associated risks?:crazy:

Much better on the train…mostly. Better for my stress levels as most of the time the trains offer a good service and good value for money. taking the bike now and again is just for the hoot:)