Places now open for food and drinks

Are most places opening now?

I know the Oakdene cafe is running a limited food option and has only outdoor seating of a couple of picnic tables. Also their toilets are open.

Rykas is open again as of today, no indoor seating.
They had soft opening last week and the toilets were closed. No idea if they are open now.

Newlands corner is open for food and so are the toilets.


As am sure you know, the teashop in Finchingfield is open for takeaways.

That said, the service is fcking awful, the food shit and somewhat overpriced. But apart from that :slight_smile:

Essex coast - most cafes are open for takeaways. Main issue in the lack of toilets - so the hedges are getting plenty of lubrication when I am out and about.

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Cool! Bit annoying to keep peeing behind a bush

H’s is sort of open: they have a 'van in the carpark but the loos aren’t accessible. Which given how rank they were, isn’t such a bad thing. The Waterfront just down the road is open for takeaways but again, no loos.

We’ve started going to The Wandering Kitchen @ Wet n Wild just over the road from H’s as they’re open, the food and coffee is ruddy excellent, there’s loads of outdoor seating and THEY HAVE TOILETS :heart_eyes:. Watch out for the bike eating potholes in the carpark approach if you decide to give them a try though.

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Thanks for that @Janey

I feel another sneaky day off ride again if anyone is planning anything.

That sounds like some weird dogging site! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Ace Cafe open from tomorrow 8am to 5pm at the moment through July

They are extending their hours and open late on a Wednesday if the weather is good.

“UPDATE: The Oakdene Cafe are now extending their opening hours for the BBQ and takeaway service to 7 days a week 10am-2pm and Wednesday evenings 5pm Until 9pm.”

It’s been a while since i’ve been to the Ace. Might cycle down there for breakfast in the near future.