pizza delivery

could i have the cashmore special please?..does that come with a free bottle of pepsi?



I hope someone stuck an LB sticker on that front fairing!


I understand he has just made it home but he made £34.79 plus tips

ahhh you’re all b*******!

It took me 1 1/2 hours to get home!


but at least you made it home lol

so where did you put the pizzas when you were delivering them,

here is a better one of him



genius mate - absolutely genius!


so u like it then pmsl on a lighter not how long have you got to have that pizza bike before it goes back and you can do your journey to london or st ablans in half the time

It’s gone - my baby is back!

, if it’s that easy, I’ll get a scooter straight away and give up working!

Glad you have your baby back, that scoot looks really uncomfy. I had one for a few days once and kept sliding off every time I had to break. Makes you feel really safe with cars right up your a**e.

yes not the safest ride in the house.


You have to get in touch with your inner 16 year old self and forget about the cars just twist ‘n’ go baby, twist ‘n’ go.

Glad to hear you have your proper bike back and you’ve stopped larking about on the Honda range or to put it another way as Kenneth Williams once said “err stop messing about”

The big question still un asked though is will you still be selling Pizza and now you got a bigger bike will we get the while they are still warm?

I’m getting them home in top speed time!


Absolutely nothing wrong with that bike! Er… That particular model is a bit underpowered but nothing wrong with scooters, lol My does 60mph easy.

so did mine downhill with a good following wind.


especially when he’s eaten a curry