Pizza bike fell onto my car

So there I was, on Tuesday, stuck in traffic on the roundabout at Edmonton Green, stopped for about 20 seconds. Stationary. Not moving. Still. Statue like. Void of momentum. You geddit!

Skid, bash, bosh! Pizza has arrived. But I didn’t order one. Doesn’t matter, pizza boy comes whizzing by on my left, locks up, skids, falls down to his right. Onto my car. Oh thank you so much. Massive traffic jam, so I was in no pressure to move, I get out and see if the rider is ok. He’s bending down to get the scooter up, and I say “Hey buddy, take it easy, let’s see if you’re ok first. Don’t worry, I’m a motorcyclist too. Calm down, let’s see if your alright.” He wasn’t wearing gloves, but said he was ok.

We arranged to meet a couple of hundred yards away to exchange details. Poor guy had hurt his knee a little, and fortunately, his hands were ok. He works for one of the better known companies, so I knew insurance was not going to be a problem, so I again ask if he is ok, knowing that the adrenalin would be draining down. Only problem was his knee, but it didn’t seem major. We exchanged details, and I later went to his shop to get the insurance details. The rider is not there, I just hope the shop didn’t send him out straight away on another delivery, he just cannot be in the correct frame of mind to be out on his super scooter again. I know what it’s like, sometimes, the injuries are not apparent for a couple of days.

Guess he could have done with ABS.

Maybe ask if you’re entitled to a free pizza for the mental trauma you’ve suffered seeing him turf himself into your cage. :slight_smile: