Pixie Post inc LB HEMS stuff

Hi All,

I’m just writing something quick as I had a nice PM from JohnP and didn’t realise there was a post from him earlier on the site. Not quite sure why it was locked but there you go…

I’m around but I’m no longer a host and I will start working on the HEMs family day soon. I am hoping to have a date in spring time 2008.

If anyone would like to help/take part with HEMS please get in touch. PM me and I will pick it up via email.

I am particularly looking for bands who will be willing to play for free. If you or anyone you know are interested please PM me and have a CD ready to send me - I will not be able to listen to music on internet.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of things to do on the day please let me know. We are also looking into having ‘stalls’ ie face painting for the kids, food stalls etc. If anyone can spare time to man these stalls please contact me.

I know a few people did put their names down previously but I would like to hear from them if they are still interested.

We have two possible locations for our charity day and I am waiting to hear which place it will be. As soon as it is confirmed I will let you know.

I won’t be around much due to bike be out of action and not having the money to fix it :frowning: And also I no longer work in London any more… which reminds me, if any of you are single and would be interested in speed dating let me know. I am now a National Events Manager for a singles events company :wink: :laugh:

By the way, regarding the ‘incident’ at BCW I have heard from the police who are not going to persue my statement :frowning:

I’m probably not going to see anyone until well after Xmas so have a good Xmas and a Happy New Year.

GP x

Well, everyones thinking of you and hoping you’re well.
Will ask around about bands and stuff and PM you soon.

Keep smiling girly :slight_smile:


What’s HEMS? bands… I might know of a couple of candidates for you and depending what day you host the event, I may be able to help out. I can always photograph the event for you too :slight_smile:

Hope it all goes well xx

Here you go Bandit… and also for anyone else who doesn’t know about HEMS/LAA.http://www.bartsandthelondon.org.uk/ourservices/helicopter_medical_emergency_service_hems.aspSincere also does a lot of charity raising stuff for LAA so keep an eye out for her fundrasing events.

Thanks GP. I would be happy to help you and Lou out for this charity (individually or combined). Pm me the details when you have them confirmed and I’m there. :slight_smile:


i dont understand how the police are taking no further action, with all the witnesses you had including bus drivers cctv. it dont make sense to me.

in the dark here, what actually happened???

Good to hear from you my dad`s dance partner.

The short story is GP was making traffic wait so charity walkers could cross when she was deliberatly rammed by a car.

Yep, that’s it. Couldn’t walk properly for a few weeks after and ended up spending a total of 17hours in the police station waiting, yes - that’s JUST waiting, to make a statment. They had no record of the 999 call etc. In the end they sent me home and I police office came round to take a very long and detailed description of what happened that day including witness details but nothing further happened. So nothing I can do about it now and it all seems to have been a waste of time.

Really sorry to hear nothing will come of it. As for HEMS, I can’t help with any of the things you have asked for, but will try and think of something that would assist.

It has sickened me to read this Orla … pm sent

thats terrible, cant believe someone would have the cheek and nerve to do that, but even worse is that despite all the evidence police don’t seem to care :angry: