Pitbike today

went out for a few hours this morning. getting betterer hehe

lots of pics lol, what ya reckon? ;D

That looks like top fun mate! Brilliant! We want one of these bikes for getting around the tracks on… You should make a little video or something So how many times did you fall off perfect it?

yep you should get one, mega fun.

well i havent really perfected it yet, im only learning but first day on it i flipped it, second time i stalled a wheelie an went over the bars lol, then flipped it on tarmac, then flipped it again today and had a very near one too

cheers for comment mate

I want a go!!! Looks like a right laugh…

yeha they are great fun. at just fields it gives me more of a grin than my motocrosser will

Looks fun! Great skills

looks good make a vid

Pit bike as in pit pony I presume

Nice one

I used to have one too, was the 110 X-sport. I couldn’t do anything like that tho!!! Someone tried to teach me once, I could get the front wheel up, just couldnt land it straight which put me off LOL

I’ve been off road with the nobblies on and put scooter tyres on for the track. I took mine on Lydd track down in kent, it was at the end of a supermoto trackday, the vid is in this section somewhere. Its been greatly put together by Captmoto Take a look and laugh

Mate that looks like the best fun! Would love to have a go at that! Some wicked skills too there mate nice one!

thanks guys and girls

lil miss, a website i go on they hold sm races, id rather do sm then dirt on it as have my dirtbike for that. this is just a cheap chinky one lol, with the real cheap bits replaced for better stuff

wow what a clever little boy not!!!

pfft. cussing me over the internet isnt going to make you look bigger. an take a look down your trousers, nope your cocks not got bigger either, so how has that benefitted you?

so lets see some pics of you on your bike? or are we a keyboard warrior? all the gear, no idea? or just a jealous twat?

So what makes you so special then? what a clever man you are, not. so come on lets hear what you can do, or back it up with pics