Pinlock Drilling Service?

Anybody know if there is anywhere I can take my Arai visor to get the holes drilled for a Pinlock?

My black one came with the fitting but I want my clear one done too

N.London preferably



I seem to remember someone from Infinity saying they can do this?

(BabyJ i think)

Cheers Pan:)


Just text Jonny Zero. Hanger Lane Infinity don’t do it:angry:

What about somewhere like Infinity Farnborough?? Or Hein Gericke just up the road??

Let me know how you get on, I have a black Shoei visor I need doing too

did he say if any other infinity do it… BabyJ was based on GreatPortland Street…

Pretty sure he isnt there anymore mate.

Chunks, there is a kit you can buy with the insert, drill bit and a template. I got one from ebay for my Shoei last year -about £15.

i mentioned it so Chunks can ask at that branch :wink:

Cheers for that Lurch;)I bought a “Universal” DIY kit and it’s not until you open it that it says "Not suitable for Arai"So I have the drill and pins, just the wrong template. I gave the Universal Pinlock away as a quiz prize last week:D My clear visor has pins for tear offs but not Pinlock:hehe:Might be easier just to buy a new visor:crying:

can you not buy or borrow another arai pinlock and use that as a guide?


I’ve got a black visor with pinlock that I could use but from what I understand they have to be spot on to get the seal right.

Looked on the Pinlock site and it does say that some dealers do offer a drilling service.

Spose I want someone else to bugger it up;):smiley:

Thats my point fella, the one I got was for a shoei, the one you need is for a Arai - not universal.My old mate google says this: half way down ARAI PINLOCK DIY KIT - prices from £16.99 ARAI L-TYPE DIY PINLOCK KIT
Includes Clear anti-fog Insert, Template, Drill Bit & Instructions

now chunkymonkey see, chunkeymonkey do :wink:

FFS…Universal means EVERYTHING:cool:

It’s not until you break the celophane wrapper that you find out its Universal except Arai…grrrrrr:angry:

BTW I wasnt chunkeymonkey dude:) He rides a Fireblade;)

then chunkymonkey get banana? :w00t:

Could try a drill. I drilled my dark arai. Just put masking tape down to stop the drill from skipping or cracking the visor.

Can I just drill the holes anywhere then?

Bike Stop will do this for you, speak to Dan in there, they do it often and they are an Arai authorised centre so you can get the helmet serviced at the same time ! :wink:

At Last:DThanks Steve. That’s what I was looking for:)I’m going up that way soon to SDC anyway:)

Could do, but the visor might not fit. lolroffulars!