Pimped up ZX6R

So me and Curtis went for a long cyce ride along the grand union from Denham to just past Watford, just past Cassiobury Park, Watford we found this beauty parked on a road just off the tow path, was an odd place to be parked up as there didn’t seem to be much about, maybe they were visiting a friends on a boat!

It’s an 09 ZX6R but has had quite a bit of work done for a fairly new bike, check out the plate!! Has lots of ace stickers and an ace seat but I don’t recall seeing this at the ace, would def stand out!

for a 600 that looks maaahoooosive:w00t: maybe its the colours that make it seem that way?? shame as i thought the bike was ok till i see the ace cafe logo:hehe:

I like the B&W!

Liquorice allsort anyone? :sick:

Wow, she’s gorgeous. All that money spent on a 600! :slight_smile:

would it make a difference if it was a litre bike??? :doze:

Yes, approximately 400cc! :wink:

Not everyone wants a litre bike :wink:

What money? A can of white spray and some stickers. :slight_smile:

ive seen a couple like that at the ace and at box, might be the same chap not too sure. Does look good.

My guess is it’s probably owned by a smaller rider - a lady perhaps - who has never had a bike stolen before.

so is it just me then that thinks thats ugly?? :ermm:


No, I think it’s ugly too - we obviously both have good taste. :wink:

I mean - would you wear these on your feet?

If the answer is negative - then surely you dislike the ZX6R bike above. :slight_smile:

No :smiley:

Nope :sick: Me too:D

I don’t really have an opinion on the paintscheme … alright if you’re into that sort of thing I suppose … but what is going on with that lettering?

Vomitorious :sick:

its alwight that, bit less white would be better, minimal white, but still looks alright, i wouldnt leave it where it was parked thats for sure!!