Pimp my Cockpit - Thermometer

Today on “Pimp my Cockpit”, we add a digital thermometer:

It’s actually an Auber Instruments Thermo/Pyro box, popular for temperature sensing in espresso machines. It just so happens to run on 12V DC and is wired into the ignition. The temperature sensor is a miniature Pt100 RTD poking into one of the Ram Air tubes so it’s pretty much accurate as soon as the engine is running and drawing air.

The box sports 2 different brightness modes, memory of high/low temperature, and an alarm for any temperature you might want to set, which is handy for an ice warner.

im starting to see what you are trying to do here… :smiley:


Hahahaha… you might be on to something there mate :smiley:

Now does anyone know a good manufacturer for Ejection Seats incase some car pulls out in front of me without looking? :w00t:

yeah its called jump