I nearly took some dumbass off his bike whilst i was in the van. The idiot pulled out at a T junction without looking, they never slow down or nething just pulled straight out. A split second later and he or even she will have ended up planted in the front of my van.

Im no mr sensible but i keep my eyes open and pay attention to whats happening. Be careful out there guys and gals, keep your eyes peeled dont wana be hearing another bikers down.

and i was just going to put up a post about some pillock in a van who nearly ran me over :stuck_out_tongue:

:P:D Dont worry Vicky i’ll get you, im just waiting for you to get a shiny new bike first :stuck_out_tongue:

a shiny bike ,
youll be waiting a good few years then :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay then a scruffy but good condition bike :stuck_out_tongue:

doesnt matter ,
youll never catch me :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair one, wont stand a chance in the van. I’ll just fit a paintball gun to my moto and make you a little more colourful :stuck_out_tongue:

oi thats my idea ! :stuck_out_tongue: :

yeah i know but im gona do it first… ha ha :stuck_out_tongue: