Pillock Biker Grrrrrrrr......

Was riding down to Croydon on the A236 heading south - always chokka on a Friday. Long straight road - common either side.Single lane each way except at halfway where it widens slightly at traffic lights junction.

Down the middle is a hatched band that runs the full length of the road, quite narrow but wide enough for one bike.

This idiot on an Yam(?) was right up may arse all the way down . Now I have very little faith in car drivers, and while I’ll do a fair pace filtering, by no means hack it down. Too many cagers thinking they’ll pull out without indicating. And if matey boy can’t pass - tough shit, I’m not gonna set my speed to anyone else.

So we get to the lights - cross over and cabbage-brain sees 6 inches of clear space on my right and decides his time has come.

As it turns out his time had come.

As he went for it - Miss Range Rover ( or something similar ) oncoming pulls over to get in position to turn at the lights - as she should. By this time he’s almost alongside me - she pulls back as best she could, he slams into her side and bins it. As he goes down either he or his bike hits me - serious wobble but I stay up-right (whew)

Fucking miracle he didn’t hit her front square-on.

I pull over, help him ( unhurt ) to his feet, told him to stop riding like a prat - which I don’t think he was expecting
We get his now mangled bike off the road. Miss Range Rover - who had a BIG long dent scrape ( barend? ) down her door, couldn’t have been more collected and reasonable - I know I wouldn’t have been as calm.


No damage to my bike - another fracas survived intact

Glad you are ok!

Thanks Cezar - stupid thing is if he’d waited 100 more yards the road was clear. In truth glad he wasn’t hurt, but was an act of stupid riding that could easily ended in him going to hospital, and me having a slide down the road.

Yes, my commuting jouney is 9 miles each way in central London. I do wait for the right moment yes.

I actually have taken the times when I go for it, taken risks ans braken the speed limits and when I take it easy. I would save no more than 5 minutes! It’s just doesn’t worth it!

Damn, bad luck J-Man, glad you stayed upright! Can’t stand rough riders either, there’s no need for it! Bet he feels great now, eh. Nice insurance job coming on for the Range Rover.

What a pillock

Glad you’re a OK though

At least you told him he was riding like an idiot which is fantastic.

Someone needs to learn to live! Commuting in London is not something you do at speed and you do it with the thought that someone is going to do something stupid. Seems like someone is going to learn the hard way.

I enjoy a blast at speed and got in a quick ride yesterday to Maidenhead and back with some 130+ speeds, but only where it is safe and appropriate. Seldom go above 50 in London traffic… (well 80 if I’m really honest)!

Darwins work will never be done.

Glad you are OK and very glad you slagged him off.

I deal with the aftremath of pillocks like this actions every day, riding beyond thier ability. I filter but at a reasonable pace and allways have an escape plan. Nit simply haul on the brakes and pray. I probably ride a bit less adventurously as a result, but at least (Touch wood) its kept me safe so far.

Ure bikes ok main thing!!!