Pictures of members

I find it’s nice to know what the people you are chatting to look like, although some people don’t like to put pics of them selves online.

He’s a pic of me :slight_smile:
Silverstone 10’ GP, Spies bike -

theres a LB Mmembers gallery in the pics and vid section.

Thanks for reminding me though, i need to put mine up!

here you go:

There is also a long running thread on this

Ahh ha, Ta :slight_smile:

Mod’s may delete if they wish.

If people are going to start posting pictures of their members, maybe this thread should be moved to the adult section :ermm:

Ginger will gladly show you his

im still working on how to fit my into frame!

It’s been done before … they got slapped wrists and it got deleted :smiley: