Pictures of Corser's wheel from his at Assen...

I came across these pictures of Troy Corsers wheel from when he crashed at Assen a month ago…






Well it looks a lil bent Foxy but nothing a rubber mallet and some auto glym won’t fix

They are expensive paperweights! I wonder what happens to all these crash damaged bits. Every team must be able to fill skip fulls of the stuff they have to discard. How about trying to get some for the LBers and we can auction it for charity?

Wicked Idea I call first dibs on the wheels and a Gixxer Rizla nose cone

Crazy stuff eh. I wouldn’t mind Shakey’s old bike

Erm I’ve got the bottom of the screen (bit with Rizla on it) from Plater’s crash at Croft as he came on to the start/finish straight. He went straight into the barrier I was behind (and looking the other way ahem) and left a fair collection of bits behind.



How much for it Andrew&7

Damn Andrew, that’s a great keeper!

Yeah I think I’ll be keeping it guys. Goes nicely with the Camel Yamaha Pizza Boz lids I pulled out of Rossi’s hands (ok ok the bins) at Donnington…

Soz DA. I’ll keep my eyes open at Brands for ya

Its not a great photo but here is Issue 1 of Fast Bikes



Haven’t kept the mag but the Bimota poster is still in my old bedroom at my parents’. Not on the wall anymore though.

wow - im jealous about that rizla part andrew.

Andrew - how long have you been going through people’s bins you old pikey?

too long man, my fingers are minging.