Pics of Haga's spectaular fireball

Does anyone now where I can get a copy of the flaming accident from a few years back in WSBK where Haga rides through the flames of a bike that’s caught fire?

I used to have this as my wallpaper but unfortunately lost it and I can’t seem to find a decent copy of it anymore…

This one?



Three points for the circuit and the year:cool:

Oulton Park, er, no idea on the year, guess 2003.

Lodge Corner at Oulton Park on 3rd May, 2004 I think.

Well done that man;)

I think he was on the Renegade Ducati so would that be 04?

So what happened? did he not hit the bike that looks like it’s directly in front of him?

Missed it by inches:w00t:

I think i’ve seen a clip on youtube before…hang on


Here ya go

That’s the one, anyone got a link to a bigger version so I can use it as wallpaper on my desktop PC?

I love that pic! :smiley:

15:43 aprox.

Haha;)I still think Jamie Whitham’s was the best pyrotechnic show:w00t:

Well post up a pic then and lets see what the jury decides?!? :wink:

I would if I could Tim:crazy:

I can’t find anything on it but it was about 7 or 8 years ago on a 500GP bike at Brno I think.

The tarmac was alight and he slid right through the flames:w00t:

Help me out here Jay / Chuffster;)

I believe that the Whitham Crash is in this vid clip of crashes, you cant exactly miss it.

chuffster (19/09/2007)

I believe that the Whitham Crash is in this vid clip of crashes, you cant exactly miss it.[/quote]Well done that man:) (Its around 2 min 44 secs)I love the one just after that where Gary McCoy skittles the big white block:D (Red Bull Yamaha) (2 min 50 sec)

Try his website Tim … lots of cool stuff

gridgirl (19/09/2007)

Try his website Tim … lots of cool stuff[/quote]According to his website be 3rd was in WSB in 2004:w00t:He must have had a double in BSB;):smiley:

The Haga pick was taken by Tim (their salaried snapper) at Double Red Photography - the official BSB guys. I’ve talked to him a lot and asked him once about it - it’s his screen saver believe it or not.

Apparently he was just shooting the riders as normal when the bike went down and he just kept his finger down (on his Canon 1D Jay, gotta say ;-p). When he chimped the pics after the incident he knew he had a shot that needed to go World-wide asap. He ran back to the media room and the team started distributing it all over the World. The company made a mint off it as you can imagine.

He said the hardest part of the shot was not to stop and watch.