Pics from MotoGP weekend

Ok so you’ve all seen the race and paddock shots but here are a few (from my camera phone) of the social side to the weekend.

So there’s

  1. LMRR snuggling down on a monstrously complex airbed/sleeping bag all-in-one arrangement
  2. Sat night outside the Redgate bar in the paddock and we spent alot of time laughing, but can’t remember why
  3. So unsurprisingly I can’t remember what was going on here
  4. The media centre with Jay and Tash working away. Me and LMRR weren’t allowed in to the airconditioned splendor so hung about outside while they finished up (both worked until 10pm every night sorting photos and preparing for interviews and future articles)
  5. Large team truck.
    6)Tash comes out and waits with us. LMRR suffering heat stroke and the effects of sleeping on the previously mentioned contraption.
  6. We stopped for breakfast at a small village nr Donington on Monday morning. Lilliput I think it was called.
  7. Out of sequence (as usual) here we see LMRR inflating the dirigible with an electric inflator. Well, that’s what she called it
  8. Jay emerges from their van (cheers B) in yet another Dainese ensemble. I thought we were roughing it so brought only a few clothes and stuff, J&T brought a suitcase full of designer gear. Oh, and prizes for guessing which of Tasha’s clothes Jay is sporting on this occaison.
    10)And here’s Tasha after correctly guessing the answer.












Hehehe, cool Not all the official snaps are up, I’m still working on them! Race gallery to come tonight, then some more social ones I think.

Becareful what you say about the clothes I was wearing as well!

I need to have some serious words with you Mr Harbron!!!

I bet that Jay was weariing tashas thong…

Nice to see what goes on behind the scenes - so what does one have to do to get an invite for the next one

Fantastic shots of the GP by the way, Jay. If you haven’t got photo agencies knocking on your door, there is something seriously wrong with this world!

Well Andrew was wearing LMRR’s pink top so you never know. Perhaps fumbling around in the dark in the tent proved a tad difficult…

Great shots in the gallery, seriously impressed by some of those.

Cheers guys, we’re trying. Slowly things are coming together and we’re building up the contacts to allow us to have great coverage, though we’re severely under-resourced at the moment.

Guys…seriously, those pics you folks took of the GP are very very impressive! Kudos to you guys, after looking at those and then looking at the ones i took at Catalunya i’m thinking to myself …u sure u had the cap off the lens when u took these??.funny thing was i bought the Canon 350d just before i left home and then halfway thru the flt to spain remembered i had left the user’s manual in the car at Heathrow …i just winged it afterwards.

erm well ok then here you go. Gotta get out from behind the camera sometime…



And I promise that lump on my leg is a 2x converter for my telephoto lens.

Why do I feel I’ve made matters worse ?

Come on guys, caption compo time

must… resist… the… temptation… to… comment…

Thank-you for sharing that picture Andrew, it’s brilliant, lol!

just saw this…

and have to say

Andrew PINK is definitely your colour…

PMSL >>>>>>>>>

FFS man, some one might get hurt!

P.S. I think your tiara fell off

LOL… Those piccy’s are great… Because we were so busy and didn’t have time to think about what had gone on in the evenings, they’re a good reminder… Thank Andrew!

My thong!!! NO COMMENT!