Picking up a scooter this afternoon

a 2007 Honda SH 125

I think this is the least excited I’ve been to pick up a 2 wheeled purchase…

bet it wont be after you’ve ridden it home! Ped scene is awesome!!!

scooters are like fat girls.

great fun till your mates see you on one.

no, they’re not

well it’ll be a challenge to get your knee down… :smiley:

I rode my friend’s scooter in Greece and found it hilarious and good fun. Just enjoy it! :smiley:

I enjoyed it in Greece as well…flip flops…shorts…vest top and no helmet :slight_smile: What’s not to like?

just be careful… don’t go thinking that the tarmac here is the same! in greece it’s designed so that if you fall off, nothing happens to you :smiley:

just cause we like riding in flip flops :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re only saying this because your mates are reading this.


no, my mates are fat girls and hate being referred to as scooters! :smiley:

You be careful Sookie, take it easy until you get used to it x

You can now perfect the art of maintaining momentum in corners/through roundabouts, 125 riding can be beneficial to your skills. :slight_smile:

Highly recommend Pirelli ST66 tyres for the SH, the rear actually has a profile unlike the square Heidenau sh*t mine initially came with.

yeah man, you need to mod your scooter.

where’s that fella with the piaggio, he might have a spare neon light for you.

get some pics up once you get it , let us know what you make of the 125 scooter you have bought.

Oh you scooter haters! :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently bought a Gilera Nexus 250cc, love my little Pedro (Yes that’s his name:P), bought him because a 50 odd mile commute from Dunstable to Kingston by car wasn’tfilling me with joy at all no matter how much I love my car and tried a fewtimes on the gixer and it was just uncomfortable, don’t know how people commuteon sports bikes every day! So a scoot was the way forward, a whopping 90mph asa top speed, well thats what the speedo says!! I have to say I love it, perfect for the job, no gears, comfy seat, more protection with fairing and it handles much better than I excepted on the countryroads near mine.

Enjoy your scoot when you get it :slight_smile:

Thanks Tiggi…i’m sure i will enjoy it, and i did have a very pleasant commute in this morning. I started dreading commuting in on the Gixxer!

LMAO nice

Come on then mate, let’s see it!

How long is your commute? How come you didn’t go for more CC’s?

My commute is about 10 miles…all in the city. To be honest i went for the cheapest, fuel economical option.